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Work on-demand

An opportunity to work better

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Part-time staffing
Made easy

Let us help you fill part-time and seasonal positions HUSTLE FREE and on-demand. No interviews required, we have a pool of vetted professionals ready to accept jobs within minutes and help you achieve your goals anytime.

  • Warehouse Specialists
  • Administrative Specialists
  • Hospitality staff
  • Merchandizing pros
  • Event Staff
  • General Labor
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Work On-demand
Control your schedule

Take control of the way you work, say goodbye to multiple job interviews and overwhelming applications. It is time for a job to fit in your life not the other way round.
A single job application and interview and you can start choosing what kind of jobs you want, where you want to work and accept jobs whenever you are available to work.

We Care
It's about you

We have leveraged the power of mobile technology to give power back to the people to allow them control their work schedule.
On the hand, we give businesses the ability to focus less on hiring and more on doing their business.

About us

Eldohire - Creates an opportunity for people to work better

At Eldohire, we are on a mission to innovatively create technology that helps create opportunities for people to work better and business to hire short term staff faster and easier. That is the reason we created the on-demand digital staffing App that connects business to talent that wants to work right away. We are a team of ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs that will stop at nothing other than innovating the future of flexible employment.


1010 Grand Blvd,
Vancouver, WA 98661
P: (503) 974-4451

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